Hala is a five-piece series inspired by the events of the Syrian Civil war from 2011 to the present day. The five mixed media painting series centres in on the young girl Hala (translating to Halo in Arabic), a child living in the war torn city Aleppo in Syria. Following a journey through innocent eyes as our eyes gaze at each piece - from witnessing the conflict, to gaining hope. Each painting works individually but when placed side by side, the story is essentially brought together. The first piece of Hala depicts innocence faced with violence and bloodshed. The presence of Hala holding a teddy bear symbolizes the normality of childhood, but yet, surrounded by desolation makes these ideals clash together. The war has effectively rid Hala of her chance of having a normal childhood. As we progress through each piece, the teddy bear becomes a recurring symbol of Hala’s hope for having a normal life, but yet Hala is continuously surrounded by distress, war and pain. Hala represents the 2.5 million children forced to become refugees, the 14.9 million people in need of humanitarian assistance in Syria, including over 6 million internally displaced people.