An art exhibition curated by The Who Gallery's Richard Dixon and Makesa Kaizen surrounding the topic of addictive behaviour. Fixation explores the addictive mind, it’s challenges and perspectives. The work I exhibited aimed to shine a light on the gradual slide into addiction and open the topic up to positive discussion. They look at issues from the loss of the ability to make decisions due to the impulsive behaviours of an addict.

For these pieces, I focused on existentialism, and the idea that we as humans are just beings floating in nothingness. By looking at portraiture and negative blank space in the paintings, I aimed to investigate the idea that both existing and living is just something that we create in our minds to help form some sort of structure within us. With each piece focusing on a drifting singular individual, I’m hoping to link this same concept with the theme of loneliness and the feeling of being in a limbo state. My main goal with these paintings is to slow down the viewer’s pace and hopefully allow reflection of these subject’s existence.

Annul, 2017

Delirium, 2017

Subdue, 2017


images from the SHOW.

Held 17th & 18th November 2017 at Amar Gallery, London.