I would like to gratefully acknowledge various people who have been journeyed with me in recent years as I have worked towards exhibiting my work for the first time. I owe an enormous debt of gratitude towards Sophia Tassew, Jasmin Sehra, Tom Fitch and the team at Converse who have helped me take the first steps in seeing the work produced for this project on the walls of London’s Converse Headquarters.

I wanted to create pieces that were different to the eyes of the beholder. Something that the people attending this exhibition and grime lovers may have not seen before. I knew I wanted to incorporate textured paint with portraiture in an attempt to symbolise the chaos and the rough sound, but at the same time introducing somewhat an abstract style - something I felt my audience may be as uninformed on as I was about grime. And in doing so, hopefully breaking the barriers between grime lovers and appreciation for finer contemporary paintings. As Sophia said, art should be accessible for everyone.



"The piece resembles the chaotic surroundings I've grown and become who I am amongst. For me, I feel the the bed of white beneath the words 'Nov' spread around the painting and of myself gives a bright undertone which resembles my personality of a bright soul behind the body of Nov that everyone sees up front. There is much love and appreciation from myself for this work." - Novelist on Raman Aso's piece



I created this book as a development of the three pieces exhibited, looking more into my thought process and methodology in creating the pieces. I touch on what inspired me to create what I created, and realisations about myself as an artist and the genre of grime as I worked through this project.

Featuring words from Novelist himself, and an exhibition review from Apotheosis Magazine, this zine also shows the creation process of the pieces and some words on what this project meant for me.

Book covers hand painted by myself, book design and layout by the wonderful Izzi Hays.


Video by AyChibs